…to keep yourself healthy and feeling great. Annual examinations as well as exercise and good nutrition are essential to your good health. OCFW provides you with the tools to be your very best.
With over 50 combined years of experience you can be confident you are getting the best care. We want you to feel welcomed and comfortable at our clinic. You can rest assured that we are discreet and respect your privacy. We promote a family friendly atmosphere at OCFW.

Keep yourself healthy during pregnancy

Obstetrical care ensures you remain healthy and have a healthy baby. Our team also provides care for “high-risk” pregnancies. We want you to feel comfortable and know you are receiving the best care.
Samuel W. Cole, M.D. FACOG — obstetric in Oxford, MS
Dr. Henderson — obstetric in Oxford, MS
Dr. Smith — obstetric in Oxford, MS
Deanna Mackie — obstetric in Oxford, MS
Since 1960, Oxford Clinic for Women has been delivering healthy babies. Our staff is highly trained and works to provide you and your developing baby exceptionable care. Make your first appointment today.

What we offer

Obstetrics - Get the best prenatal care - Have a safe and healthy delivery.

Gynecological Services – Complete Women's Healthcare – Wellness Exams, Problem Visits, and Screening Services

Surgery - Technologically advanced - Robotic procedures and more

Infertility - Don't suffer in silence - Explore your options with our doctors

Bone health
- Keep your bones strong - Receive bone density screening here

What to expect…

After confirmation of your pregnancy a complete physical exam will be performed. Laboratory tests will be done and an ultrasound may be obtained. You will be given a due date and plans for your prenatal care will be discussed.
From the moment you walk in, never hesitate to ask questions or voice your concerns. Pregnancy is a difficult time and we want you to be assured that you are receiving the best care.

Numerous women's health services…

In addition to obstetrical care and annual gynecologic examinations, OCW offers ultrasounds, mammograms, urodynamic procedures, Mona Lisa Touch, DEXA scans and vaccinations. All are available at our facility – no need to go anywhere else.
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